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Wedding Songs

There are several things that make or break a wedding. Among them, music is somewhere right at the top. Music is usually an entertainment priority. After all, you don’t want awkward bouts of silence throughout your reception! Whether you choose to have a live band or you’re thinking of hiring a wedding DJ, it’s important to make sure you choose someone who can play the music you want to hear on your special day.

Weddings entail a wide variety of songs, from romantic ones to party pumping dance numbers. To ensure you have the right songs playing at the right time, you’ll probably want to provide the band or DJ with a schedule. This schedule will let him or her know important details, such as, entrance times for the bridal party and married couple. It should list when important dances will take place and what song should be playing during those times. It should also provide for a list of songs that you want played at some point throughout the duration of your wedding (or at specific points).

Coming together with your partner to choose which wedding songs you’d like playing at your wedding is one of the more fun aspects of the planning process. It’s an extra moment for you to bond with your partner and to recall specific songs that remind you of times spent together, or songs whose meaning reflects the love shared between you two. If you’re having a hard time choosing your wedding songs, these questions might help to get you started:

  1. Was there any music playing on your first date? If so, do you remember the song?
  2. Do you have a song that reminds you of a special day?
  3. Is there a song that particularly speaks to you about your relationship with one another?
  4. Do you want to opt for something fun, instead of romantic? A song that you can coordinate a fun dance routine to?

Once you’ve figured out which wedding songs you want played for you and your partner, you can work on finding out which songs you want played during other important times of your wedding. For instance, will you be having a father-daughter dance? What about the music for the entrance of your bridal party? Aside from that, you’ll want to choose a combination of fun songs and slow songs for your wedding guests to enjoy.

If you need help finding a great band or deejay in South Florida, we can help! We’ve been around long enough to know who the best in the business is. Our friendly staff will be sure to help you with any aspect of the wedding planning process, including great catering options! To find out more, be sure to call us at 954-325-6341! We’ll make sure you have the best 2014 wedding playlist in town!