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Wedding Ideas

It’s easier to make plans for your big day once you have an idea of what kind of theme you want to portray. Nowadays, wedding themes go far beyond basic color combinations. Some couples choose a wedding theme that reflects some aspect of their personalities or lives, while others opt for a theme that pays homage to the season or the venue they’ve chosen. At BCG Catering we’ve had the opportunity to witness and cater to some beautiful South Florida weddings, which means we’ve seen a lot of wedding themes executed in a truly jaw dropping manner. Below, we’ve listed just a small sampling of some of our favorite wedding themes. We hope our list inspires you to create or modify your own unique wedding theme.

  • Masquerade ball – This wedding theme is often categorized by deep jewel tones, lavish decorations, and over-the-top flowers. Guests are invited to bring their own masks, or masks can be provided upon entrance into the reception area.
  • Winter Wonderland – Imagine a reception hall decked out in the cool colors of winter, whites, blues, and silver. This wedding theme can include ice sculptures and snowflakes, glitter and diamonds. This theme can also be worked into a Christmas themed wedding.
  • Vintage – If you’ve always been a fan of the way things were back in the day, then a vintage wedding might be something you’ll want to consider. Vintage weddings are typically unique affairs, since details and accessories tend to be one-of-a-kind treasures. This wedding theme tends to favor the romantic and traditional; those couples that dream of days gone past.
  • Rustic – More and more couples are opting for this wedding theme, which is often found at outdoor weddings. This theme takes outdoor details and refashions them into elegant wedding accessories. For example, mason jars as decorative candle holders. Other common rustic décor can include fireplaces, antique wooden frames, trees, and other natural elements.

Once you have selected a wedding theme, you’ll have a much easier time knowing which vendors you’ll want to work with, as well as what kind of décor and catering options work best for your wedding vision. No matter what theme you choose, you can count on BCG Catering to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. We’re here for you no matter what your wedding needs are. Our catering services are top quality and well-reviewed by past clientele. To get more information on our great wedding services, be sure to call at 954-325-6341.