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Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding is easier when you’re organized. There are several ways to stay organized throughout the wedding planning process, and hundreds of resources and ideas for how to do so. One easy way to make sure your wedding planning process is stress-free is to follow a checklist. Making a checklist at the beginning of the process ensures that you cover all of the important details. A checklist is also good for determining the order for when things need to get done.

Because at BCG Catering we believe that every bride deserves to have the wedding of her dreams, we’ve come up with a general wedding checklist that should get you started. Of course, our wedding checklist doesn’t cover everything you might want for your wedding, so be sure to make the changes you need to plan for your dream wedding.

  • Come up with a budget. Find out what you’re willing to spend more (or less) on.
  • Pick a location and decide on a date. (Remember, where and when you choose to have your wedding can have a great influence on many other factors of your wedding, including theme and guest list)
  • Make a guest list and send out RSVP notes/invitations.
  • Decide on a wedding theme, or wedding vision. (Deciding on this early on will make the rest of the process much easier!)
  • Choose your bridal party/groomsmen, and start shopping for their attire.
  • Find the perfect dress!
  • Choose an officiant.
  • Meet with vendors.
    • Entertainment (DJ/Live band)
    • Décor (Flowers/Favors)
    • Photographer/Videographer
    • Transportation
    • Caterer (Might we suggest, BCG Catering?)
    • Schedule a cake tasting and order your wedding cake.
    • Order the wedding rings.
    • Make your beauty appointments.
      • Hair
      • Nails
      • Make-up
      • Create a wedding registry at a few different places.
      • Apply for marriage license.
      • Plan the wedding rehearsal.
      • Make and book honeymoon destination.

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be a hair tearing ordeal. By using a checklist you can tackle one problem at a time, while making sure that everything gets done. If you need wedding planning assistance or want to find out more about the wondering wedding and catering services that BCG Catering provides in South Florida, be sure to give us a call at 954-325-6341.