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Prom Theme Ideas

Traditionally, a school’s prom theme is chosen by the graduating class’ prom committee or by a class vote. However, with so many great ideas available it can be hard to provide just a few options to the voters. And with prom being just a few months away, you’ll want to make sure your class has settled on a theme, so you can begin contacting the right vendors and making the final preparations. To help narrow down the choices for you, we’re providing a few of our favorite prom theme ideas.

1) Under the Sea – A classic prom theme, but one that never gets old. This fun theme allows for cool décor in soft blues and greens. Balloons are a must-have with this theme, since they add a bubbly underwater feel to the decorated room. You’ll also want to include bright, colorful fish and other underwater animals (jellyfish are easy to make and look great too!). Green streamers can be used for seaweed, and shells can be scattered on tables. A live band and an open dance floor, complete with a “floating bubbles” light display are great entertainment options. For food, you may want to include some variety of tasty fresh fish or pasta, among other things, to tie into the theme.

2) Hollywood – It’s your graduating year and you want to feel like a star! Hollywood themes are a class favorite, because everyone loves the ritz and glamour of feeling like a celebrity. You can even have students attend as their favorite celebrities. If you choose this as your prom theme, you’ll have to include a red carpet entrance, which is a great place to set up your photographer too! We think reds, black, and gold are good colors to represent this theme, as well as glittery accents. Stars, film strips, reels, and clapboards make for great decorative items and props for photo booths. When it comes to food, we think anything works for this theme, but we suggest traditional and elegant table-service is the way to go. And just for fun, you may want to include a popcorn station for students!

3) Taste of Italy – Everyone puts a lot of effort into looking their best for prom, so why not reward them with an international escape? This prom theme idea is full of class, and a little romance. There are a variety of ways to interpret this theme, but some classic decorative ideas include gondolas, a wide variety of flowers, café awnings, fun-shaped topiaries, and painted frescoes. Of course, if you’re going to have a “Taste of Italy” as your prom theme, then you really do have to provide a “taste of Italy,” meaning that you’ll have to include a delicious pasta entrée, a variety of pizzas, and maybe some crispy, cheesy, mozzarella sticks (we’ve got just the package for you!)

We hope that you’ve found some inspiration from reading about a few of our favorite prom theme ideas. However, if you’re still looking for more, or if you need more direction on any one of these ideas, be sure to give us a call at 954-325-6341. We have years of experience in planning perfect proms in the South Florida area. So whether you’re graduating in 2014 or in any other year beyond, we hope you’ll contact BCG Catering for all of your party planning and catering needs.