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Caterer For Brunch Events

If you’re looking to plan a nice daytime get-together with friends, family, or coworkers, you might consider holding a brunch. Brunches are a popular choice among groups who want to enjoy time together with a different type of meal setting. The word brunch is actually a combination of the words breakfast and lunch, which suggests that a typical start time for this type of affair is usually in the late morning or early afternoon hours. Due to this, brunches normally contain a wide variety of typical breakfast and lunch dining options.

At Bouer Catering Group we’ve helped clients all over South Florida plan some fantastic brunches. Our staff knows how to turn your ideas into reality and will work with you to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We’ll get you in touch with some of the best vendors in town, as well as let you know about a few of our favorite venues. We’ll also be happy to suggest some ideas of our own that we think will add to your special event. If you want to plan a memorable brunch, then we’re the right company to help you!

Of course, as the host of the brunch, you’ll want to make sure your event occurs in someplace beautiful, bright, and airy, which is why choosing the right venue is important. You’ll also want your guests to be entertained, whether by the scenery, the music, or the speeches and conversation that you have planned. However, while these factors are important, we like to think that the most important aspect of a brunch is the food. After all, the word implies food in every sense.

Bouer Catering Group can help you come up with a mouthwatering menu. We can provide such classics and variations of popular brunch foods like:

  • Fluffy pancakes
  • Perfectly cooked omelets
  • Decadent pastries
  • Syrupy French toast
  • Tasty sandwiches
  • Healthy salads
  • Fresh fruits and berries

Of course, we can also provide mimosas for the adults, too! We are happy to cater to your desires. Our goal is to make sure every guest at your brunch is satisfied with the food they’ve eaten. If you have any guests with dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free or vegetarian, then we’ll be happy to help you come up with a menu that includes something for them as well. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or something in between, you can count on Bouer Catering Group to provide an unforgettable food experience worthy of several repeats! Give us a call today to start planning this year’s brunches! 954-689-0110.

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