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Caterer for Baby Naming Parties

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful new bundle of joy! What better way to celebrate the birth of a baby than by gathering your friends and family together for a party, and more specifically, a baby naming party! In Jewish tradition a baby naming is usually reserved for girls and involves the announcement of the newborn’s English and Hebrew names. Ceremonies differ from family to family, but many of them will include an explanation of the names, traditional music and songs, and a welcoming of the baby all the guests. Of course, once the ceremony is over, guests gather to enjoy a great party full of music, food, and entertainment!

Nowadays, more and more families, of all different cultures, are hosting baby naming parties. They’re just a fun way to gather your loved ones around, and introduce them to your newest pride and joy. If you’re thinking about planning a baby naming party, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Baby naming parties typically occur early on in the infant’s life; make sure you give yourself enough time to plan and invite guests.
  • Choose a venue that meets your needs; make sure it’s large enough to accommodate all of your guests and that the location is easily accessible and nearby.
  • Figure out what your budget is, and how you’d like to spend it. Do you prefer spending more in entertainment or in food? What about décor?
  • Working with an experienced planner can help move the process along quickly, especially when you already have your hands full. A planner can also help you find some of the best deals and help make your event more affordable.

At Bouer Catering Group we don’t just provide you with fantastic food (although we certainly are good at that!); we also help you in planning the other aspects of your party. After all, we’re in the business of creating custom designed occasions. We’ll make sure you find a great venue, beautiful décor, and awesome entertainment. Of course, by working with us you’ll already be working with some of the best caterers in all of South Florida. We offer affordable and delicious dining packages that include a variety of different food items, as well as high quality service!

A baby naming party can be as unique as you want it to be. You can stick to traditional color schemes, like pink for girls and blue for boys, or you can decide to host a themed party; zoo animals are a popular favorite! Regardless of what you choose, you can rely on Bouer Catering Group to deliver quality service, impeccable presentation, and fresh, tasty.

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