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If you’re looking to make your anniversary extra special this year, then you might consider hosting an anniversary party. Anniversaries are a wonderful time to be surrounded by the friends and family who have been there throughout the length of your relationship. Not only can they impart wonderful anecdotes about the happy couple, but they also add to the fun and festivities of your celebration. At Bouer Catering Group we can help you plan a memorable anniversary party, complete with some of the best food in town!

There are a few components that make up virtually every party. Among them there’s décor, music, lighting, and of course, food. At Bouer Catering Group we’re happy to help our clients connect with vendors that can assist them with most of the details. However, when it comes to mealtime, you can count on us to provide your guests with food that is both fresh and tasty. That’s because at Bouer Catering Group we are committed to making sure that the food you serve to your guests is part of the party experience.

Whether you want to serve your guests hors d’oeuvres or you’d rather have something more casual and fun, we provide you with the options to create a food experience that is 100% customized to your party. From table service to interactive action stations and buffets, we offer a wide variety of ways to get our artfully prepared meals onto your guests’ plates and into their stomachs. And no matter which option you choose, you can rest assured knowing that the serving staff will remain attentive and professional throughout the entirety of your anniversary party.

As a professional catering company with over 35 years in the business, we know what it takes to ensure that your guests speak favorably about the dining experience at your party. Along with professional and friendly service, guests expect food that is served at the right temperature and in an attractive manner. With Bouer Catering Group, you don’t have to worry about any of these things because we take the extra steps necessary to make sure everything is just right before sending it out to your guests. That means everything not only looks delicious, but it’s served at the right time and at just the right temperature.

Is there a favorite dish the happy couple is known for eating? Maybe there’s some food that reminds you of the way you met or of something special you two have done together throughout the year. At Bouer Catering Group you have the option of creating a menu that is unique to your needs. Although we have a wide variety of packages and food options available, we want you to know that our talented and experienced chefs are capable of creating virtually anything you desire, all you have to do is ask! If you’re ready to begin planning your anniversary event, please give us a call at 954-325-6341!

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