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Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding is easier when you’re organized. There are several ways to stay organized throughout the wedding planning process, and hundreds of resources and ideas for how to do so. One easy way to make sure your wedding planning process is stress-free is to follow a checklist. Making a checklist at the beginning of…

Wedding Centerpieces

When wedding guests first walk into a reception area, one of the first things they notice and comment on are typically the table centerpieces. Wedding centerpieces are one of the major design elements of the reception area. Centerpieces help bring the wedding theme together. Thankfully, nowadays, wedding centerpieces aren’t limited to large floral bouquets. Wedding…

Prom Theme Ideas

Traditionally, a school’s prom theme is chosen by the graduating class’ prom committee or by a class vote. However, with so many great ideas available it can be hard to provide just a few options to the voters. And with prom being just a few months away, you’ll want to make sure your class has…

Catering Companies in Miami

Nowadays it seems like catering companies in Miami are a dime a dozen. With the abundance of events and parties that take place in this city it’s no wonder why so many people choose to go into the catering business. Unfortunately, this means there are a great number of catering companies that don’t deliver on…

Baby Shower Decorations

Congratulations! Either you or someone you know is having a baby, and now it’s time to plan the baby shower! A baby shower is a happy occasion, one in which the mother’s pregnancy is celebrated with joy. Guests are invited to shower the mother with love and excitement for the upcoming birth of her baby.…

Top 10 Things to Know When Planning a Wedding!

1) Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Often times we think we can take everything on ourselves, but the truth is, getting a little help usually makes things easier and less stressful. For some parts of the planning you’ll want to get your partner involved. You might even want to ask close friends and…

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