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Parkland Venue

Our Parkland Florida Venue is Amazing!


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6750 University Drive, Parkland, Florida 33067

Hosting events from weddings, mitzvahs, corporate meetings and other elegant affairs. This property is newly designed with a sheek and modern feel. Perfect for any event! The ballroom has a floor to ceiling window that overlooks a garden. Your guest will truly love their beautiful surroundings.

The ballroom comfortably serves 400 people for a sit down dinner. We can accommodate to smaller parties as well. Our fresh new designs will add a great touch to any theme. We offer an amazing menu to choose from. Our cuisine is truly something to brag about. It is important to book your event early so reserve your date.

From the entrance to the dance floor, you and your guest will have an evening to remember. Our venue is great for many occasions such as; celebrating a special occasion, hosting a business meeting, weddings, having a holiday party and much more. We will assist you from start to finish on putting on a great event. Give us a call today and lets get started!

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Phone: (954) 489-8273

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